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Deep-Dek Composite Floor System



Mid-Rise Multi-Story Residential Floor System Guide






Versa-Floor HR(Contractor)



cover of Versa-Dek Composite brochure

Versa-Dek® Acoustical Composite



curve-dek cover

Spec Sheet



deep-dek acoustical cover

Deep-Dek® /
Deep-Dek® Accoustical
Spec Sheet



Deep-Dek CellularAcoustical brochure

Deep-Dek®  Cellular/
Deep-Dek®  Cellular Accoustical Spec Sheet



Versa-Dek® 3.5LS/ Super Versa-Dek®  6.5LS Spec Sheet



Versa-Dek® S/ Versa-Dek®  LS
Spec Sheet


Product Masterspec ™

Download Steel Dek Specifications

Prepare project specification documents using information from Metal Dek Group® products.

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The Dek Design Team® is a full-service technical group dedicated to the engineering, design, and support of Metal Dek Group® products and services in application. More...

Bridge Dek ®

Stay in place form systems for concrete and steel bridge structures More...

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